Words from the design manager

Soft, playful and inviting are words Johan Körner, our own design manager at Svedbergs, uses to describe this years’ design week in Stockholm. It has been a while, but this year Stockholm Design Week was in full motion again and, as always, a perfect opportunity to find the latest trends. But are we to jump onto the next trend, or should we search for something that lasts over time? Translating that into an approach that could work for our brand in the long run. Whether you follow trends or not, we could spot some noticeable trends during the design week. We had the opportunity to catch a moment with Johan and discuss what the near future will hold. Colors are moving back into our homes, however, some are more distinct than others. ”Colors such as off-white, sand, and grey are supplement by more distinct colors like orange, rust red, mustard, blue, and some dashes of pastel pink.” Johan tells us. These rather distinct colors are seen in the details, they add a pleasant contrast and warmth to our homes. Seen in the city as well as at the furniture fair a playfulness is finding its way back. ”And this is something that brings to mind the 60s and 70s”, Johan says while showing some pictures of furnitures and lights in playful shapes and colors. Working with shapes softens the home and makes it more welcoming and appealing. Together with these shapes among furnitures and lights, floor-to-ceiling texiles are still a trend in 2023, especially fabrics that let some natural light through. Speaking about trends, what will we see in the bathroom this coming year? ”The natural material trend continues and we’ll keep seeing a combination of different types of wood” Johan says. And maybe we’re ready for some new types of wood, beech might have a new breakthrough in the near future.

Svedbergs Badrum

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