A sustainability ideal that goes the extra mile. In leafy Sege Park, just outside Malmö’s city centre, the new residential area, Knytkalaset, is taking shape. In keeping with our times, the philosophy behind this project is to make life a little bit easier in every way for the families who live here. Community gardening opportunities are available for anyone with green fingers or who is keen to take on some new challenges. There is no need to buy power tools or hammers either, since these are available on loan for do-it-yourself projects.   

Knytkalaset is far more than just a residential complex - it’s a concept of living with focus on neighbourhood sharing and sustainable development. This is confirmed by the materials used for this project, as Knytkalaset is based on BIO 1: innovative, climate-positive concrete. This not only reduces climate impact, but also enhances quality and resilience. There is also focus on recycling. The smaller buildings that are part of the complex are based on reusing the fine red brickwork, and opening up these buildings for sharing hubs or cafés. How the communal buildings are used is to some extent up to the new residents, who can make their voices heard. There are naturally rooftop south-facing solar panels, and each resident can use the app made available to monitor electricity production.  

Knytkalaset is a residential area where no compromises are made when it comes to quality of life. In fact, this is a key focus. The lush green park established back in the 1930s has been preserved, as part of Malmö’s cultural heritage. Besides maintaining the park, there are new communal areas with focus on the sharing economy and the community. The new flats will also have balconies and an outlook on the green oasis. This symbiosis between the old and the new, and the great urge to live more sustainably, may be precisely what makes Knytkalaset so unique. 

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